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School Council

Student Council 
The Student Council committee provides the pupils of Meadow View Farm School with the opportunity to have a voice that is listened to throughout the school community, supporting the development of British Values by actively promoting democratic processes as members are voted for by the pupils. Through weekly student council meetings, pupils are encouraged to take ownership over creating a positive learning environment; underpinned by mutual respect for all, celebrating social identity differences. The student council representatives maintain a substantial amount of responsibility throughout their duties and are trusted to provide a voice for their peers during meetings. This experience enhances pupils’ interaction skills, develops their self-worth, self-esteem and confidence.


Below are some of the experiences and achievements gained through the implementation of student council: 
•    MVFS themed enrichment days – voted for, planned, budgeted and led by student council representatives, i.e ‘Disney Day’ and ‘Build a Den Day’
•    The Designing of displays throughout school 
•    Taking part in the planning for parent open days, i.e The Christmas Carol Service and the Easter Bonnet Parade 
•    The ownership over creating a portfolio of the work achieved for SMSC and British Values through student council 
•    Ownership over ‘the school dog’ – i.e budgeting, pet insurance, the dog’s name
•    ‘Learning Walks’ to identify and celebrate outstanding teaching 
•    Anti-bullying campaigns



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