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Late/Absence Procedures

It is really important for your child's progress and well-being that they attend school regularly with limited time off. Should your child be unwell, please speak to the school office if you are unsure on the length of time off required for illnesses that are contagious.


Please contact the school office on 01455 840825 at the earliest opportunity to let us know if your child is unable to attend.


We understand that a lot of children attending MVFS have higher than average appointments. Please speak to the school office regarding appointments.


If you have any worries relating to absence, please call Katie, Ben or Michelle directly or ask for them to call you back.


Should we not hear from you regarding a reason for absence, we will continue to try to make contact by phoning, messaging or emailing to ascertain why your child is not in school. Failure to inform the school office may result in a home visit if we are unable to make contact, depending on the needs of each individual child, family and circumstances.