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Lunch Menus

Meadow View Farm School promotes a whole school approach to healthy eating by encouraging the children and staff to make healthy choices with regards breakfasts and lunches which include home-made juices and smoothies. Starting this term, our desserts will contain reduced sugar and a higher fibre content. We work hard to expose children to a broad and balanced diet and encourage them to try foods they may not of tried from around the world.

The menus for the Spring term work on a rotation basis.


Week 1: WB: 06.01.2020; 03.02.2020; 09.03.2020; 


Week 2: WB: 13.01.2020; 10.02.2020; 16.03.2020;


Week 3: WB: 20.01.2020; 24.02.2020; 23.03.2020;


Week 4: WB: 27.01.2020; 02.03.2020; 30.03.2020;


* At times, the menus may change to reflect themed learning or special occasions occurring across school. We will endeavour to provide you with this information before the day.

Autumn Term 1- 2020

Autumn Term 2- 2020



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